Old Skool Cafe (OSC) is a faith-based, violence prevention program that provides job training, employment, and a second chance at life by way of an evening jazz restaurant run by at-risk, formerly incarcerated, and foster care youth ages 16-22.

All positions are based in San Francisco, CA.


Assistant Manager


You’ll be a key member of the Old Skool Cafe team, helping lead the operations of a restaurant that serves as the platform for youth training and mentoring. You’ll make a life-long impact on our youth as you lead and train them in all aspects of the restaurant business. See job description here.

Program Director

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You’ll be key member of the OSC leadership team, primarily responsible for all aspects of the youth development programming and oversight.  You’ll ensure a positive and successful experience for every youth that enters our program. See job description here.

Sous Chef


The Sous Chef (SC) will train and cook alongside youth in the kitchen. The SC may oversee special catering events and may also offer culinary instruction and/or demonstrate culinary techniques. You’ll be essential in the training of the youth and the business development of the program. See job description here.