Mother's Day Brunch Success for Old Skool alum Chef Drew

Old Skool alum Chef Drew Gaxiola popped-up with his new catering company, Divine EatSF, at Old Skool Cafe on Mother's Day.  

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You may remember Chef Drew from his appearance on the Rachael Ray Show in 2014. On the show he was awarded a scholarship to pursue his culinary dreams. Fast forward four years-- Drew now works at Waterbar, a prestigious restaurant in San Francisco, and is pursuing opening his own restaurant. 

Seeing Chef Drew commanding the kitchen was the realization of a long-held dream-- that Old Skool Cafe would act as an incubator for the entrepreneurial dreams of our alumni. In the years to come, we hope our space will be used over and over to launch the next chefs, musicians, artists, and leaders in San Francisco. 

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Chef Drew assembled a team of past and present Old Skool employees to serve a three-course brunch and bottomless mimosas on Mother's Day. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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Nothing makes us happier than to see our youth out in the world pursuing their dreams!  

Founder's Corner: Spring at Old Skool Cafe


I can’t believe we’re already at the end of April! The jasmine bushes right outside my front door have never bloomed so beautifully and fragrantly. All around the neighborhood I see things growing. After a long season of drought and rain, it is encouraging to have this beautiful, green spring!

As spring is here, I can’t help but see the new life blossoming at Old Skool Cafe. ‘Teresa’ means ‘harvest’, and for many, many years a harvest is exactly what I have been waiting for. There has been a long season of constantly laying the foundation and investing in Old Skool Cafe with slow and sometimes incremental progress. It has been over ten years since we held our first OSC gala and I began running a pilot program from my home. Then four years ago, we had the joy of opening Old Skool as a restaurant. We are seeing the harvest, indeed!

Old Skool Cafe has become a solid place for our youth to heal and grow and develop into the young men and women they were intended to be. This spring we are welcoming a new cohort of twenty young people who will become Old Skool’s future servers, chefs, and managers. We are grateful for the seemingly small harvests that are truly very big. The next time you order from our new menus or walk underneath our beautiful new marquee, you’ll know that those finishing touches are part of a longtime dream come true. Our OSC alumni continue to flourish and follow their passions in school and in new jobs. We continue to grow our catering services, which will now be under the direction of Chef Kevin. There are new faces in the kitchen and greeting guests at the front door (more on that to come!). A blossoming harvest is all around us.

With the years, my dream for Old Skool continues to grow. With fresh, new energy and eyes, we will fortify and strengthen our programs. I am consistently asked to bring Old Skool to other parts of the country, and when we’re ready to expand, we want it to be with the best practices under our belts, and the very best programs that we can provide to other communities.

And I am beyond grateful for you. Thank you for your support and your prayers. Thank you for dining with us. Thank you for donating. Thank you for inviting friends to learn more about Old Skool. And most of all, thank you for investing in our youth.

With gratitude,

Teresa Goines


Staff Openings at Old Skool Cafe

Looking for a new start to the new year? Are you looking to help youth transform their lives and move from merely surviving to THRIVING? Come work for Old Skool! We are looking for restaurant and hospitality professionals eager to work at our one-of-a-kind, youth-run supper club! If you love food and have restaurant experience (or know someone that does!), check out our available staff positions and email us at:

General Manager - Restaurant

Sous Chef

Want to learn more? See Old Skool in action!

Old Skool Cafe Pop Up + Dinner Party

Celebrate Thanksgiving early this year with CRAVE Productions, as we bring together Old Skool tradition with new school funk and support the next generation. We invite you to give thanks and enjoy an evening of culinary exploration, incredible soul music and good times.

Our host, Old Skool Cafe, is a 1940s-style youth-run supper club, providing jobs and training to at-risk youth. All of the evening's proceeds will directly support Old Skool. Tickets are limited - reserve now! 

Final leg of our campaign fulfillment.

Dear Contributors,

Spring greetings to everyone! Just a quick update to let you know we are on the final leg of our campaign fulfillment tasks.

For those of you who contributed at the $1000 - "You'll Always Have a Seat" level,  your nameplates are in process. We appreciate your patience.

For ALL other contributors, your campaign perks should have already arrived. We hope you are enjoying them.  If for some reason you have not yet received your campaign perk, please let us know by sending an email to and we will get your perk to you ASAP.

Wishing you all a wonderful spring season. 

Heartfelt thanks to ALL of you for supporting Old Skool Cafe.

With gratitude,

The Old Skool Cafe Team

Working to fulfill all the campaign perks this month.

Dear contributors,

We have been working to fulfill all the campaign perks this month. All of the Mortar Level-Coffee Mugs, WOWZA-BowTies, and Dinner Special Gift Cards have been mailed out. If you are expecting one of those perks and have not received it, please contact us via this campaign, or send a note to:

Our apologies to the folks who's perks include the limited edition Tshirt.(Including the Gift Pack Perks.)  We have not forgotten you. We expect to be shipping those out by the end of the March.  Your patience is greatly appreciated, we are very grateful to all for your participation in our campaign.

For all you Gift Card holders, we look forward to seeing you soon.  Old Skool Cafe is open Thursday through Saturday. Reservations can be made here.  :D

Gratefully yours,

The Old Skool Cafe Team

A sneak peek at the “special edition” Old Skool Cafe T-shirt


It's the final day, just hours left for our campaign! We are so grateful for all your SHARING and SUPPORT! 

PLEASE continue to SHARE  the Old Skool Ceviche recipe we have posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages. It's really working! Your sharing has really helped our fund grow these last few days. THANK YOU!

Here is a sneak peek at the "special edition" Old Skool Cafe T-shirt.  This new T-shirt design comes with the $50 perk and the Gift Pack perks. It's not too late!

Just $5 + 1 Minute = Huge Impact!

With just 9 days left in our campaign, we have launched the "$5 + 1 Minute" contribution promotion, and we have really quick FAVOR to ask ...

Please follow the links below to Old Skool's Facebook and/or Twitter pages to SHARE and RETWEET the $5 promo images posted there.  No contribution is too small, and each will be matched up to $5000. We really appreciate your help getting the word out.

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Thank you so much,

Steve Snyder - Old Skool Cafe Volunteer & Campaign Manager

We couldn’t do it without you!

Dear Friends -

Thank you so much for contributing to our goal of reaching more youth and giving them a second chance at a future filled with hope. We couldn't do it without you!

We have started fulfilling our perks and hope you will use your gift cards to join us for dinner soon. We're open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5:30 - 9:30p and look forward to see you!

You can make reservations online or by calling us at 415.822.8531. 

We're still working to reach our goal by January 20th - please share our campaign with your networks. We appreciate your support!

With gratitude,
Lisa Litsey, Managing Director - Old Skool Cafe