Lindy Hop Living Legends

At Old Skool Cafe, we are committed to empowering our youth to understand the richness of their histories. That’s why our menu is full of recipes from our Grandmothers, and why pictures of the Cotton Club and Louis Armstrong fill our walls. As part of their initial training, all Old Skool Cafe youth attend weekly swing dance classes!

So when our friends at Swingin’ at the Savoy approached us about hosting an evening with Norma Miller (the Queen of Swing) and Chester Whitmore (Hollywood performer and choreographer) , we couldn’t have been more delighted. Our youth researched our special guests and prepared interview questions and a trivia contest for our guests. What a privilege to celebrate Black History Month by learning directly from our heroes and trailblazers who are still with us!

A huge thank you to Ms. Miller, Mr. Whitmore, Shawn, and the entire Lindy Hop community for helping us make this happen!