Working to fulfill all the campaign perks this month.

Dear contributors,

We have been working to fulfill all the campaign perks this month. All of the Mortar Level-Coffee Mugs, WOWZA-BowTies, and Dinner Special Gift Cards have been mailed out. If you are expecting one of those perks and have not received it, please contact us via this campaign, or send a note to:

Our apologies to the folks who's perks include the limited edition Tshirt.(Including the Gift Pack Perks.)  We have not forgotten you. We expect to be shipping those out by the end of the March.  Your patience is greatly appreciated, we are very grateful to all for your participation in our campaign.

For all you Gift Card holders, we look forward to seeing you soon.  Old Skool Cafe is open Thursday through Saturday. Reservations can be made here.  :D

Gratefully yours,

The Old Skool Cafe Team