Become a VIP Member

Monthly donors and diners are the backbone of our support. As a VIP Member, every dollar you spend will support youth making transformative life changes. You'll also receive unique Old Skool Cafe gifts and experiences.

How it works:

Each month, choose whether to dine or donate at your giving level. Your membership fee gets deducted each month. If you choose to dine with us, you'll find a gift card in your membership amount waiting for you at Old Skool Cafe. If you choose to donate, your membership fee becomes a tax-deductible donation supporting our life-changing programs!

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Basic Membership

$35 a month keeps our youth looking sharp in their uniforms. Receive an Old Skool Cafe shirt and stay up to date with our youth. 



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Premier Membership

$75 a month provides soft skills training for our youth. You are bringing up the next generation of excellent employees and responsible adults. Receive a mug, an Old Skool Cafe signature shirt, and stay up to date with our youth. 

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Transformative Membership

$250 a month provides leadership training for our up-and-coming youth managers. These young people have demonstrated responsibility, maturity, and are ready to take their skills to the next level. Receive a mug, and Old Skool Cafe shirt, quarterly wine tastings paired with youth-developed menu items.