Youth Restaurant Training Program

There are three major phases for youth working at Old Skool Cafe:

1. Pre-Employment Restaurant and Life Skills Training. This pre-employment training program provides comprehensive information that will set you up for long-term success in the restaurant industry. The training is a 12 week course providing classroom training, live shadow training in the restaurant, life skills workshops, one on one life coaching and a food handler’s certificate training and test. The value of the training is approximately $15,000 – yet we don’t charge you a dime. Instead, you actually get paid for successful completion of the training. Trainees have an opportunity to gain as much as a $2,100 stipend.

2. Employment. If trainees have successfully completed the pre-employment program, they are encouraged to apply for an employee position at Old Skool Cafe, where they may continue to grow and learn from our trainers and coaches as an apprentice employee.

3. Leadership. Once employed at Old Skool Cafe, there are regular opportunities for advancement into leadership positions.

This application is for Old Skool Cafe’s Restaurant Training.


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